Port of Huizen

Huizen has become an attractive harbour town in recent years, with convenient facilities, a picturesque Nautical Quarter with hotel accommodation and various catering establishments.

In the Old Harbour, along the fishing wharf, you will see authentic fishing smacks that remind us of the time when Huizen was an important fishing village. There is also a karting centre and various gym and sporting facilities.

From April until October a 'fietsboot' (bicycle boat) sails from Huizen, via Spakenburg/Bunschoten and Baarn along the Eem to Amersfoort. More information: info@eemlijn.nl.

There is a Lidl supermarket within walking distance of the harbour. The historic old village and the shopping centre can be reached in about 5 minutes by bike or a 15-minute walk, where you will also find various restaurants, a cinema, a bowling centre and the Huizer Museum, in which the Tourist Information Centre is located. You can hire bicycles at the Fletcher Hotel in the Nautical Quarter.

There are events and activities held year-round in Huizen, such as the Art and Culture Festival, the Huizer Week and the Huizer Beach Volleyball Tournament. For more information about activities please visit : www.vvvhuizen.nl

Leisure and tourism

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Vrije tijd en toerisme

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KNRM (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution) Huizen

In addition to the Huizer Rescue Brigade, the rescue station at the Old Harbour in Huizen also houses the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). The KNRM and the brigade jointly provide professional assistance on the water. The KNRM concentrates mainly on ‘Search and Rescue’ tasks, i.e. the search for and rescue of people.

Huizen presents itself as the “Harbour of ’t Gooi”. Partly because of this, many big events are held on the waters around Huizen. The boats from the Huizer Rescue Brigade provide the water security for these events. On board are comprehensive first-aid equipment and a crew trained to carry out all first-aid treatments. The KNRM boat can be called for assistance in the event of a major emergency during an event on the water.

Alarm number: 112
Website: www.reddingsbrigade-huizen.nl