The fees for occasional moorings in the municipal port are as follows:

For pleasure craft per night (calculated from 4 PM) for each full linear metre (total length), incl. 21 % VAT. €1,00
Tourist tax per person per night €1,35

Facilities with coin-operated machine:

Electric per Kwh €0,50
Water per 100 litres €0,50
Clothes washing and drying (code and token available from the Harbourmaster's office). €6,50
Wi-Fi, first 10 mins free of charge, after that with Wi-Fi-Code for 4 hours, code available from the Harbourmaster's office. FREE
Shower (code available from the Harbourmaster's office). €0,50

New fees for permanent moorings in the municipal port:

Summer tariff for the municipal marina (1 April - 31 Oct.) €24,71
Winter tariff ( 1 Nov -  31 March) €9,13
Annual tariff (after transition arrangement) ( 1 April - 31 March) €33,30
Electric per Kwh €0,23
These fees are inclusive of 21% VAT Calculated per m2 of the area of the mooring box.

New fees for permanent moorings in the port of call:

For the period 1 April - 31 Oct. 2014 for pleasure craft in the port of call for each full m2 of the boat
(  l x w = m2 )
a discount applies to all ships in the amount of €97,46
the minimum tariff of the invoice is €93,89
youth discount for pleasure craft smaller than 10 m2 for boat owners under the age of 21 (as per the reference date of 31 Oct.) a minimum  tariff applies of €93,89